Uncommon Schools has an Apology Problem

  • “I’ve been going to Uncommon since 5th grade…going to the high school messed up my physical and mental health…I’ve been very down…I haven’t been acting like myself…I would have breakdowns in school.”
  • “My principal scolded me like a dog in front of all of my peers…I felt so humiliated and bad about myself…I cried all the way home and even thought about harming myself because I started to believe his words…I remember feeling so dehumanized.”
  • “They made me feel alone, defeated, and helpless.”
  • “I had a mental breakdown because I was so stressed and depressed.”
  • “My mental health was horrible.”
  • “I was messed up.”



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Emily Hoefling

Emily Hoefling


Reader, writer, teacher, lover of most cereals and all chips.